• Happy New Beerd!

    The old year out and the new proto-year barely formed mes amis.

    One can only imagine the coming outrages, scandals, crimes, murders, deaths, injunctions, incarcerations. What shape will the world be in when we reach this very spot next year? Will I be here next year? Will you? Maybe the light will shine again, the "bad guys" out and the "good guys" in. Help at last, justice at last, equitability becomes the norm, villainy laid to rest and all within is gold. The last minute save, the heroes triumphant.

    Maybe people will take better care of themselves and when they're feeling froggy maybe start helping the other folks out. Maybe we'll be more civic minded and weigh in to remove the career politicians and corporations to make the machine work for the people like it should. Maybe we'll realize everyone isn't or mustn’t or can't or shouldn't or must or will or else.

    Philosophy now officially waxed.

    The Beer: Boulevard Brewing Co. Whiskey Barrel Stout

    Yes the new year brings a stout and holy crap is it nice.

    It's thick and malty, really rich so you're not going to put too much of this one away in one sitting. Coffee and chocolate are there and it all makes for an imperial stout that isn't as bitter and a nice drink. Probably better with a meal not really for getting a couple pints in of an evening.

    I give this one a 20/19 and it's set the bar pretty high for the year.

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