• Years and Beers

    SO summer come and gone, the temperature returns to a reasonable number for this northern creature. Origins was nice as a show and I'm grateful to have been given the opportunity. I'm never sure what to expect at this type of thing what the pomp and circumstance level will be. I only really felt like a fish out of water once during an event that i hadn't much planned on. But good for all that. Glad to get back into the studio to get creating.

    A bit glum this year as some friends have shuffled off over the rainbow bridge style of thing. I’ll never get used to that and I suppose that’s good. It means I don’t have a little black rock for a heart.

    Just punching it out with my little demon monkeys to get on with things.

    Hoping the fog clears up.

    The Beer: Eviltwin Brewing Imperial Biscotti Break.

    We return to the old favorites and this is a light blocking stout and no mistake. Not as bitter as other imperial high octane stouts are. I think the almond and vanilla nock it down a bit. At 11.5%ABV this one will sneak up on you so tread gently, sipping as you go and enjoying. It’s easy and a bit sweet.

    This one gets 9 big heaping plates of cookies as you like them in your tummy.

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